St Anne’s Hospice is owned by the Sister’s of St Joseph of Annecy, who are it’s Trustees. After many years of identifying the need  to have a facility to provide specialist palliative care within the region, the Sister’s made the decision to dedicate part of their existing private, fee paying, Hospital to the free provision of this care.In the early 1990’s the existing  maternity wing of the hospital was demolished and a new Hospice was constructed and then opened in September of 1994 in the grounds of St Joseph’s Hospital, Malpas, Newport.

The aim of the hospice is to provide a high standard of care delivered by a multi-disciplinary professional team, respecting the patient’s individual and family needs. St Anne’s Hospice is an In -Patient, Specialist Palliative Care unit. It has ten operational beds. Due to our limited resources we concentrate on providing an ‘In Patient’ service for adult patients who have been referred to us with a life limiting illness. We also provide respite with three additional,

dedicated, respite beds for non-malignant illness but do not have the facility for day hospice facilities or community palliative care.

The Hospice is still the only ‘In Patient’ facility of it’s kind in the whole of the county of Gwent and has affectionately become known as the ‘People’s Hospice’. It provides care and support to the people of Gwent, which includes the boroughs of Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouth, Newport and Torfaen, who have a progressive, life limiting disease, such as Cancer, Motor Neurone disease, COPD, MS, Heart failure, etc. A patient may be admitted to St Anne’s following referral from their general practitioner or hospital consultant, providing the criteria for admission is met.  The Hospice is a special place and imparts a special relationship with all who are touched by it, providing “Exceptional care to Exceptional people

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Care at St Anne’s Hospice is based on the Philosophy of the Hospice movement to provide holistic care including Occupational Therapy, Complimentary Therapy, Pastoral Care, Social Care, Physiotherapy, and Pharmacy


The exceptional care provided by the Hospice team does not happen without its inherent cost. Providing 24/7 care of the highest standards and the medication necessary to provide comfort, dignity and support is expensive. This year it will cost £1.3m to provide our patients with the care they deserve. Whilst we receive some funding from WAG and local Health Boards, approx. two thirds of this has to be raised through fundraising.

Message from Franco Taruschio O.B.E –
The President of St Anne’s Hospice

I first came across St Anne’s Hospice not long after it opened and was immediately struck by its atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The Hospice and its devoted staff made a lasting impression on me and I vowed to support this wonderful place in whatever way I could and was honoured when asked to become President. So here I am, many years later, still President, saying a big ‘thank you’ to all who have contributed to this great cause.
Please continue to support the wonderful work at St Anne’s Hospice.      

Production of Newsletter (Issue 40) is now in progress, however if you have not received number 39, copies are still available. If you have been unable to obtain a copy and would like one then please give us a call or fill in the enquiry form on our contact us page leaving your name, address and request and we will ensure you receive a copy

Hospice team

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