So Much Dignity

A  message of thanks, such little words to describe the gratitude I feel towards you all.

I have not felt like writing or doing much at all but life goes on. I promised M, my sister I would not leave her on her own in some awful place.

It is a great comfort to me that she ended her days with you. Every single one of you showed love and care and utter humanity. You gave her such dignity and care, your devotion was astonishing to see.

I am also grateful for the help and support that you gave to myself and my family.

Thank God you were there and long may you be so. For my sister you were like a light shining in the darkness.

Sent with deepest affection and gratitude. – K.E.

It’s a ‘goodbye’ from Him…..

After 16 years, the longest serving member of the Fundraising Team – Brian Perrins, decided in August to hang up his ‘blue boxes’ and retire. His colleagues within the team threw a surprise ‘farewell’ for him at the Hospice and were joined by other friends and colleagues within the Charity Shops, Hospice, Hospital and his blue box agents, all of whom wanted to say their goodbyes. Brian has been an important part of the development of Fundraising within the Hospice from its initial stages based in Malpas Road to more recent days in the offices above the Hospice, in particular being controller of ‘blue box’ development, the marathon, charity challenges, etc, whilst playing the support role on many of the events held by  the Fundraising Team.

Terry Woodsford said that ‘Brian’ will be missed by everyone who worked with him in the past and present.

His sense of humour was infectious and he was always willing to help anyone. Over the years at St Anne’s Brian has helped

raise many hundreds of thousands of pounds and helped raise the Hospice profile in the community. All of us in the Fundraising

team thought of Brian as a friend not just a ‘colleague’. At the function, Brian was presented with a fridge, tankard and

DAB radio, and most importantly……. A volunteer application form!!!!

Thanks for everything Brian, and Good luck in retirement..

… And ‘hello’ from Her

I’m  Alexandra Morgan (Alex) and I would like to introduce myself as the new ‘Community Fundraiser’ for St Anne’s Hospice. As a result of my passion for charity work and fundraising, I feel extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity of this challenge to work within St Anne’s. Over the years, I have been involved in many charity events and projects, from building a school in a deprived area of Brazil, working in orphanages in Romania, organising charity cocktail parties, fun-runs and balls, and have thoroughly enjoyed every second of  it.

Having lost my mother to a terminal illness 2 years ago, I understand the importance of St Anne’s Hospice and naturally, the essential fundraising that keeps the hospice going.

I have already been touched by the staff of both the Fundraising Team and the Hospice, who call the Hospice their ‘little bit of heaven’, and I’’m very much looking forward to working with them  and you all in the future…….!

Hospice team

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