Rosehip Tea - Herbal Healing Benefits

Rosehip is one of the most sought after herbs these days. The Rosehip plant grows wild in Central America, mostly in Amazon Rainforest. The Rosehip is also cultivated in many tropical regions of Asia, Africa, Australia and North America.

Rosehip tea, as the name suggests, is a tea prepared from the petals of the rose flower. It has a very unique floral aroma which is slightly bitter with a mild aftertaste. Rose hips are known to possess several health benefits, such as weight loss, heart health, improved immunity, skin aging and several other beneficial effects. It has also been proven to enhance the sexual drive and vitality.

Rosehip Tea has a long history in Africa and the Pacific region. As such, it is very widely used in herbal healing systems.

Rosehip Extract was discovered in Africa in the 1970’s. It was used by the local people as an appetite suppressant and aphrodisiac. The extracts of Rosehip is also used in cosmetic products, as rosehip oil, and even as aphrodisiac pills. This herb is known to have certain properties that can enhance fertility in both males and females.

It has been found to lower blood pressure in women. It is also very effective in preventing heart diseases. It also reduces cholesterol in the bloodstream. Other effects include reducing depression, improving eyesight and increasing sexual desire in both men and women.

Many studies have also shown that Rosehip Tea can help in treating various skin problems including acne and eczema. In addition, Rosehip Tea is known to be an effective antioxidant that helps fight against free radicals that lead to aging of skin cells. Another way it can help in preventing aging of the skin is by killing bacteria found in the skin’s sebaceous gland. Its high content of Vitamin E helps in skin moisturizing and prevents the skin from being damaged due to UV rays of the sun.

Recent research has also revealed that Rosehip Extract is effective in fighting against the infection of the lungs and the bladder. This herb is also said to prevent the spread of cancer.

The benefits of Rosehip Tea are not restricted to the use in topical application alone; it can also be used internally. It can be applied topically on the skin or taken internally in capsules or pills. Rosehip Tea has also been proven to improve circulation of blood in the body and it also helps in cleansing the blood.

It is highly recommended that people who drink Rosehip Tea should drink more than 2 cups a day.

Rosehip Tea - Herbal Healing Benefits

One cup of tea has only 40 milligrams of Rosehip extract and this amount may be sufficient for preventing or treating different types of health conditions related to the circulatory system. However, if there is a sudden change in the body’s state or the person undergoing a treatment, then more than two cups of Rosehip tea is usually prescribed.

As far as the benefits of Rosehip Tea are concerned, there are some people who prefer the aroma of Rosehip Tea over the taste. Other people might prefer the taste of Rosehip Tea. Other than this, there is no scientific evidence showing that Rosehip Tea helps in preventing or curing any health conditions like cancer.

However, Rosehip Tea can be used as a flavouring in drinks. The best time to take Rosehip Tea is before or during breakfast and before or during dinner. The best time to drink Rosehip Tea is in the morning, especially when one is still sleepy. This tea has the potential to relieve insomnia as it can aid in sleeping disorders.

Rosehip Tea can also be drunk as an after-dinner drink. It can be consumed alone or can be mixed with milk and sugar. If the tea is consumed cold, then it can help in treating drowsiness, fatigue and irritability.

If Rosehip Tea is drunk regularly, it can help in improving the general health and well being of the person drinking it. It can also increase the immunity of the body and help in promoting good mental clarity.

Rosehip Tea - Herbal Healing Benefits
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